Private Poker Party Tournament Sydney


If you’re hitting the town for a buck’s night event or other guys’ night out, a private poker party Sydney might be exactly what you need. There is so much that you can love about these poker parties and you are sure to have a great time, no matter who you invite. There are so many different occasions that you can use these parties for, including birthdays, buck’s parties, farewell events, corporate events, and so much more. When you reserve your party, you’ll get three hours of fun along with chairs, tables, stripper shows, and waitresses that are scantily clad and ready to serve.

Private Poker Party Sydney

  • Poker For All Occasions

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    • 3 – Hour Poker Party
    • We Come To You
    • 6 Foot Poker Table – $250.00 Each
    • Chairs – $10.00 Each
    • 300 Quality Poker Chips – Included
    • Cards Supplied – Included

  • Poker Party Extras

    • We Organise Everything
    • Lingerie Waitresses – $100.00 Per Hour (Minimum Of 3 Hours)
    • Topless Waitresses – $125.00 Per Hour (Minimum Of 3 Hours)
    • R-Rated Strip Show – $300.00
    • Single X-Rated Strip Show – $420.00
    • Double X-Rated Strip Show – $840.00
    • Outdoor Marquees – $150.00
    • Music 300 Watt I-Pod Dock – $200.00

A private poker party Sydney is a great way for guys to get everything that they need in a great night out without having to shell out all the cash on their own. Forget trying to plan a party and spending a lot of money because with this private party, everything is taken care of for a very affordable price. This package is perfect for a budget, and we bring all the supplies and tools to you so that you can have a party like never before without spending a fortune. Plus, you never have to do any of the work, either, which makes it even more enjoyable.

If you’ve been looking for a way to treat the guys to a night out without spending a lot of money, this is where you’re going to find your best deal. Every private poker party Sydney offers a 15 minute lesson for Texas Hold’em. That means that even if you don’t know how to play, you’ll be able to learn. There are packages for every budget and every party and you’ll never have a bad time when you choose this as your night on the town.

It really doesn’t matter what you’re celebrating or if you’re celebrating anything at all because these parties are definitely your key to a good time. You’ll be able to choose the perfect package with all of the scantily clad ladies that you’d like and so much more. It’s all about having a great time for less, and it’s even better because you don’t have to do a lot of work to get things moving. Just let us take the helm and steer your group to a night that you’ll never forget with a private poker party Sydney. Making sure that you have a great time is what we do, so let us start planning your poker party now.

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