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When it comes to throwing the perfect Bucks party, the friends of the groom-to-be may be running short of ideas since it is hard to please everyone. Some individuals may favour a trip to a gentleman’s club, or may prefer charter a boat for fishing trip. Nightclubs and bars can be fun but there is not really anything very special about going to these places. One way to throw a party that everyone can enjoy, but that is a little bit different from what the groom and his friends are used to, is to throw a Texas Hold’em poker night party.

Poker Party – Texas Hold’em

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    • 3 – Hour Poker Party
    • We Come To You
    • 6 Foot Poker Table – $250.00 Each
    • Chairs – $10.00 Each
    • 300 Quality Poker Chips – Included
    • Cards Supplied – Included

  • Poker Party Extras

    • We Organise Everything
    • Lingerie Waitresses – $100.00 Per Hour (Minimum Of 3 Hours)
    • Topless Waitresses – $125.00 Per Hour (Minimum Of 3 Hours)
    • R-Rated Strip Show – $300.00
    • Single X-Rated Strip Show – $420.00
    • Double X-Rated Strip Show – $840.00
    • Outdoor Marquees – $150.00
    • Music 300 Watt I-Pod Dock – $200.00

The bachelor deserves one last night of reckless freedom before he ties the knot and settles down with the bride-to-be. A Bucks poker night party does not have to be a run-of-the-mill card game. The game can have a little bit more of a naughty side by including card dealers that are scantily clad and beautiful women. The waitresses that cater to the needs of everyone in the party may also be topless or dressed in the sexiest of lingerie. Keeping the party fun and entertaining while still having a sexy edge is an excellent way to keep everyone happy and to deliver a memorable night.

Depending on how wild everyone is willing to get, shows can range from fairly tame to absolutely wild. Dealers will be there to help teach beginners so that professional level skills are not required in order to enjoy a night of Texas Hold’em. A poker night is the perfect way to send off the groom in style and in a way that is unusual and even more entertaining than traditional bachelor parties. The city of Sydney has a lot to offer, but if going out to nightclubs and bars is not really the groom’s thing, an evening spent with friends playing a friendly card game while surrounded by beautiful women might just be the ticket.

A Texas Hold’em poker night that is organised by a reputable service will provide all the necessary professional equipment and will likely even offer a trophy to the winner. A little bit of competition is a good way to keep the night entertaining and you do not have to be an expert to enjoy the thrill of Texas Hold’em poker. The Bucks party should be a celebration of your friend’s upcoming marriage as well as a reminder of what he is leaving behind when he says goodbye to singlehood.

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