Bucks Party Activities – Sydney, Things to Do on Your Day


A Bucks party is a fun way to commemorate or commiserate the end of your bachelorhood. Surrounded by friends and family, you can raise a glass to the days that were and the days to come. In addition to throwing a few back, there are tons of Bucks party and day activities in Sydney that will keep everyone partying hard throughout the day and night. You might want to schedule your Bucks party a few days before the wedding ceremony. The last thing you want is to show up at the wedding alter still hung over from the night before.

Bucks Party Activities in Sydney

We have a wide range of great Bucks Activities in Sydney

Sydney is teaming with nightlife and there is no lack of exciting bars and clubs that you can go to for a little wild fun. The standard for Bucks party or night activities in Sydney is to go to a gentleman’s club where you will find beautiful women waiting to dance for you. An alternative is to go to a lingerie restaurant where half nude women serve you food and drinks. You will also be able to enjoy an exotic dance show while you eat. If being out in the open is not your thing, many of the dancers in these clubs are available to for a private booking where they will come to your party place to entertain you.

If you want to do something a little different for your Bucks party activities in Sydney, then try a day or night fishing charter. This is great for men who like to go out on the water to catch a few. You can choose from game fishing, sport fishing, or deep sea reef fishing. Beautiful, topless waitresses serve you refreshments while you cast your line out to hook marlin, dolphin fish, shark, and snapper among other types of fish. If you like the idea of being on the water but don’t necessarily want to fish, you can take a cruise. You’ll have access to a bar, buffet, and exotic entertainment. You’ll have so much fun on the water that you won’t want to come back to shore. There are lots of Bucks Party activities in Sydney that will make your Bucks party a night to remember for years.