Bucks Party Destinations Sydney

Bucks Party Destinations Sydney

There are certain places that have become famous as top Bucks party destinations in Sydney. They offer unique blend of entertainment, activities, and fun that ensure that a Bucks party is a maddeningly good time. Las Vegas is probably the most famous example in the world, but it is out of reach for most Bucks party planners. It may surprise you, but Sydney is one of the best places to have a Bucks party. It features a wealth of different activities that create the perfect location to help your mate bid farewell to his freedom and enter the world of matrimony.

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Why Not Sydney

For most, a Bucks party has to include strippers. And Sydney is home to many great strip clubs, as well as numerous different companies that allow you to hire out strippers for a private show if you’d rather have your party in a home or hotel room. You can reserve a variety of different shows, from basic strip dances to full out XXX shows. Or, hire a waitress or two and plan a poker night with topless waitresses or some dressed in lingerie. Whether you want to head out on the town and visit the bars or have the strip club come to you, it’s more than possible in Sydney.

If skin isn’t quite what you’re looking for, there are plenty of great activities that make Sydney one of the best Bucks party destinations in the world. You can reserve time at a paintball or laser skirmish site, for example, and spend time shooting your mates before the evening’s festivities begin. Or visit the go kart track for some fast paced fun. Some tracks will even let you rent out an area for a BBQ. Mini golf or indoor golf is another great way to enjoy the day, or even a quick visit to the clay shooting range to let off some steam.

There are plenty of other opportunities for those with the extra cash. Party buses are available and will give you the royal treatment, travelling from site to site while you party in style in the bus. These tours can include karts, paintball, visits to strip clubs, and a constant party on board the bus. They’ll arrange your entrance into bars and more, ensuring that your entire Bucks party is the stuff of legend. There are plenty of Bucks party destinations out there, but few can match all that Sydney has to offer.