Outdoor Paintball – Bucks Day & Party Bus Package Sydney


Giving your mate an unforgettable Bucks party is your ultimate duty as best man. If you’re looking for a great Bucks party idea, then think paintball in Sydney with party bus. This is a great way to give your best mate an unforgettable party experience, to send him off into the world of the married man in style. And it’s also an experience that all of the attendees will enjoy. With a day full of adrenaline, alcohol, and good times, you’ll show the man of the hour just how much he’ll be missing once he leaves his singleness behind.

Bucks Day and Party Bus Paintball Package

  • Package Pricing - $180.00 Per Head

  • Bucks Party Packages Include:

    • We Will Pick You Up In An Exclusive Party Bus
    • Then Off to Paintball
    • 400 Paintballs Per Person
    • Pizza lunch included
    • 2 x Great Aussie Pubs
    • Social Photographer
    • Tour Guide to Capture The Day
    • Party Bus Equipped With a Microphone and Great Tunes
    • Then We Will Drop You At Your Destination – At 5.30pm
    • Saturdays & Sundays From – 8:30am – 5:30pm.

Packages are based on a minimum of 20 people( View Terms and Conditions )
* Prices do not include any additional extras like – Strippers or Alcohol.
* You can BYO drinks on the bus. (limited to 2 cans per person. NO GLASS)


The day starts with the party bus, which will pick up every member of the party. If you’d like to save time and get your day of paintball in Sydney with party bus started as quickly as possible, it might be a good idea to have a bunch of people stay over at one bloke’s place for easy pick-up in the morning. From there, you’ll head over to Paintball, this is Sydney’s best paintball facility. Paintball boasts over 50 acres of beautiful bushland that have been converted into new playing fields and modern facilities with all kinds of amenities. It makes for a real adventure, and not just like some kids playing “war.”

When you order this package for paintball in Sydney with party bus, you get 400 paintballs per person, as well as state-of-the-art equipment and air systems. You can play an unlimited number of games, and, if you run out of paintballs (and it’s easy to run out of ammo when you’re having a good time), you can always purchase more in between bouts. A pizza lunch is also included, so that you can refuel. You won’t believe how quickly the day will pass, but, before you know it, you’ll be ready to pile into the party bus and hit some great pubs.

When you paintball Sydney with party bus, you can also hit up two great Australian pubs. You and your mates can enjoy a quick bite, and can also toast the man of the hour. And your ride on the party bus will also include great tunes and a microphone, which can come in very handy for announcements, or for an impromptu karaoke performance. A social photographer-tour guide will also join you for your boys’ day out, so you’ll be able to immortalise your unforgettable day with photographs. It’s a package that includes everything you could possibly need to make your bloke’s last day as a single man an epic one.

Bucks Party Sydney

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