Bucks Party Games – Ideas, Day and Night In Sydney


If one of your mates is about to say goodbye to the single life forever than you and the rest of his friends owe it to him to throw one final party to celebrate. A traditional Bucks party might include a trip to a strip club or something similar, but if that is not exactly the kind of thing that the groom-to-be favours, it is worth considering a few other options. We have great game ideas that will include things like paintball, go kart racing, clay shooting, indoor golf, or even a fishing charter. There is sure to be something that everyone can enjoy.

Bucks Party Games Ideas Sydney

We have a range of great Bucks Games Ideas in Sydney

A Bucks day game is Paintball, one of the most exhilarating games that there is. This is the only time that you can safely shoot your friends and be shot at. There are several varieties including hide and seek, catch the flag, and tag. A group of as many as 500 people can play or as little as two people. The games can last as long as everyone is having fun, from 5 min. to an entire day. A good paintball facility will supply you with all the gear you need including the gun, paintballs, goggles, and pressurized gas. They will have experienced staff on hand so that there is no need to worry about someone overheating or getting injured.

A great Bucks night game , is Go kart racing is another perennial favourite for guys of all ages. A facility that provides modified go carts with all the necessary safety gear like roll cages and seatbelts is the best bet to enjoy this activity safely. Many of these venues also include snacks, as well as more relaxing fare like air hockey or a pool table. Private groups can even schedule to have a barbecue at the venue. This may be the ultimate way to establish bragging rights when it comes to who’s the best driver and who should just stay off the road.

A fishing charter may be the ultimate guy’s adventure. Clay shooting can also be a good way to bond before sending a friend off into holy matrimony. Regardless of how many people are going along on the Bucks party, these activities can be tailored to fit any sized group. Of course, there are other ways to spend the bachelor party but there may not be any better or as much fun for so many people. Bucks party games are the best way to celebrate the upcoming wedding of a good friend.