Stag Night and Party Ideas in Sydney – Cruises & Strippers


A Stag night is one of those things that a man will remember for the rest of his life as long as he doesn’t get too drunk. It is meant to be a fun event that highlights the end of his time as a single man and the beginning of the next phase of his life as a married man.

While having fun is always at the top of everyone’s list while at a Stag party, it is important that safety be considered as well. Here are few party ideas and tips for having a safe Stag night in Sydney.

Stag Night Ideas In Sydney

Here are just a few of our top Stag Night Ideas in Sydney

Usually planned by the best man or anybody who’s a great party planner, the Stag night is a massive occasion guaranteed to be full of fun and excitement not to mention lots of activities. A Stag night won’t be complete without the presence of female strippers or waitresses and lots of booze. When you are going out on the town celebrating Stag night in Sydney, you want to stick to places that you are familiar with. It is okay to try new places but use this guide to check them out the adventures first.

In this age where everyone puts their life on display on Facebook, it is important that you try to avoid being caught on camera in a compromising situation. In this day of video mobile phones and micro cameras, you should at least be aware that anything you do can be recorded. While the likelihood of someone doing that is low, it is always better to be safe than sorry and avoid situations that will only embarrass you when you are sober. When out on the town for Stag night in Sydney, you may want to appoint that one sober friend to keep an eye on you and keep you from humiliating yourself for the public.

Don’t bring wads of cash with you on Stag night ideas in Sydney. You will probably only need your identification, a little cash, and maybe a credit card. In crowded places, like bars, it is all too easy to get pick pocketed. Take only what you need into the bars with you and, if need be, leave the rest at home.