Bucks Party Venues – Sydney Hot Places to Host a Bucks


As the designated party planner, it is your job to make sure you put on a party that is fun for the guests as well as the groom. Depending on how many people who are going to be attending the party, this could be extremely easy or the most challenging thing you have ever done. One of the essential ingredients to having a good party is the venue. Pick a fun place to go and half the work of planning the party is done for you. Here are a few Bucks party venues in Sydney grooms and their friends will have a blast at.

Bucks Party Venues in Sydney

We have a range of great Bucks Party Venues in Sydney

Poker Party – A great night venue this type of club is a combination of several Bucks party venues Sydney offers. In these clubs, the groom and his friends can match wits with other players over a few hands of poker. At the same time, they are served alcoholic beverages by waitresses who are topless ore dressed in sexy lingerie. Many poker parlours have themed packages that you can buy to make the night a little more interesting. For example, the women can be dressed as cops, nurses, or cheerleaders. Often there are also exotic dance shows for when it’s time to take a break from the tables.

Party Bus – Take your party on the road with a party bus. These vehicles are oversized with the capability of seating up to 20 people or more. The purpose of these buses is to transport you to your destinations all over town. Many party bus companies will have packages where you can choose from the variety of Bucks party venues Sydney have for those that love the nightlife. For example, you could take a pub tour where you go from bar to bar sampling the beer and hospitality. If the club scene is not for your party, another package options would include getting chauffeured around to different activities such as go karting and paintballing.

Party Cruise – is a great day venue give the groom a little taste of the highlife with a bucks party cruise. Guests are ushered aboard large, spacious vessel that includes a buffet, waitresses dressed in lingerie, and poker tables. This half day cruise usually also includes an exotic dance show and a bar. Enjoy the beauty of the water while partying it up at sea. The best thing is you won’t have to worry about noise complaints. If you want to impress, try these Bucks party venues Sydney bachelors have enjoyed for years.