Sydney’s The Ultimate Bucks Party Package Day and Night


The Ultimate Bucks party package day and night is for guys who want to take advantage of every fun experience that a bachelor party offers. You and your mates will be able to experience go kart racing, a cruise, partying, and girls.

A photographer with tour guide experience is on hand is make sure that you get every exciting part of your day on film. For larger groups of 20 or more, the party bus arrives to pick everyone up. This helps everyone get in the right mood to party, and you can bring your own beers.

The first activity that’s a part of The Ultimate Bucks party package day and night is a Mini Grand Prix using go karts. You’ll get to race for prizes, and everyone is assured of having a good time. After the race, the bus will make a stop to stock up on beer. The next destination is Casino Wharf, where a party cruise boat awaits. The boat cruises around Sydney Harbour, offering some of the best views of the Opera House and Harbour Bridge, and you’ll have a chance to enjoy a great sunset during the cruise.

The next part of The Ultimate Bucks party package day and night involves visits to 2 popular pubs. The cruise finishes around 5.00 pm, and you’ll get to visit the King St. Brewery, located right near the wharf. You and your mates will enjoy a beer tasting, with VIP admission. Next, you’ll go to Friend in Hand at Glebe, one of Sydney’s favourite pubs. You’ll have dinner here, and enjoy the atmosphere that offers a mix of history and current trends. Dinner will keep you well-filled as you get ready to enjoy what comes next.

The last part of The Ultimate Bucks party package day and night includes a visit to Dancers Cabaret. This cabaret is considered to have some of the best girls in Sydney, and you and your mates will have a great time at the club. The visit includes 1 or 2 live shows with a lot of hot action. The party bus will be available after the show to pick everyone up. It’s your choice, you can either have the bus take everyone to a drop off point, or explore what else is going on in the city. Sydney has a very active night-life with many bars that stay open late, so you won’t have any lack of choices.