Bucks Party Advice – Keeping the Groom out of Trouble


As a way of making the most of their last few days as single men, many grooms will have a Bucks party. This is a fun way to gather with friends and family members to celebrate his transition from being a single man to a married man. But as anyone who has ever been to a Bucks in Sydney can attest, these parties can quickly get out of hand, especially when there is alcohol involved. As the best man, or party planner, it is your job to not only make sure everyone is having fun but to watch out for the groom. Here are a few pieces of Bucks party advice for keeping the groom out of trouble.

Bucks Party Advice In Sydney

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The biggest controversy between a bride and groom will mostly likely be about the presence of strippers at the party. Some women don’t like it and some don’t care. In either event, if you are throwing an adult party with exotic dancers, it is important that you help the groom avoid any compromising situations. This will be especially important as the night wears on and the amount of alcohol consumed increases. People do crazy things when they are drunk so a good piece of Bucks party advice is to keep an eye on the groom and make sure he’s not sneaking off to do something he’ll regret.

If at all possible, avoid having the Bucks party the night before the wedding. As anyone who has woken up with hangover will tell you, it takes awhile before that feeling wears off. The groom is already going to be nervous. A hangover will only acerbate the situation and perhaps cause disaster to strike, such as him vomiting on the bride’s gown. Having the party at least 2-3 days before the nuptials is a piece of Bucks party advice that will make everyone happy.

This piece Bucks party advice actually concerns everyone at the party and not just the groom. No one should be getting behind the wheel of a vehicle that has been drinking. Either hire a transport service that will drive people home or make arrangements for people to sleep off the alcohol in a safe location. The last thing you want is a tragic motor accident to cast a dark shadow over the wedding festivities. In essence, use your common sense to try and help the groom stay out of trouble. The extra care you take today to contribute to a long marriage tomorrow.