Party Ideas Sydney – A Unique Way For Bucks Night & Day


As the best friend, it has fallen upon you to throw the Bucks party. You are honoured to do it. It’s not every day that people you know get married and, besides, it’s a great excuse to go out on the town and party. However, you don’t want to throw just any party. You want it to be a unique event that the groom will remember for all of his married days. If you want to go beyond the strip clubs, dance bars, and paintball outings, here are a few party ideas Sydney Bucks party planners can use to create an event people will be talking about for years.

Party Ideas Sydney

Here are just a few of our top Party Ideas in Sydney

Medieval Restaurant – Travel back in time when men used swords, horses, and long pieces of pointy wood to pummel each other into the ground. Medieval themed restaurants feature saucy, costumed waitresses, big chunks of meat and bread, and entertaining shows. If you are looking for a unique venue to hold your Bucks party, then a themed restaurant is one of the better party ideas Sydney has available. Often, you can arrange for a private party and some Restaurants will even bring the show to your home.

Murder Mystery Party – This is definitely not one of the most traditional ideas in Sydney party planners can organize but it can certainly be a lot of fun. A murder mystery party is a themed party where everyone plays a character. You can even dress the part of your character. There is a “victim” and one person in the party is deemed to be the “killer”. Everyone must go around and talk to everyone else to figure out “whodunit”. You can even kick it to an adult level if you want by hiring waitresses to serve party guests in lingerie or have a strip show as part of the entertainment.

Holiday Themed Party – If the wedding is being held around a holiday, such as Halloween or New Year’s Eve, a themed party is always a blast. For Halloween, you can dress up in costumes and trick or treat through the different strip clubs. You can all dress up in green and drink green beer around St. Patrick’s Day. Counting down the final hours of the year among friends is a great time to spend New Year’s Eve. The nice thing about having a Bucks party around a holiday is that many venues in the area will have lots of great party ideas Sydney Bucks can implement to make their last few days as a Bachelor party memorable.