Bucks Party Dares – Traditional Ideas, Day & Night Sydney


A Bucks party is one of the most memorable parties that you’ll ever be a part of. Whether it involves a rowdy night out on the town at strip clubs and bars or a more subdued evening in a mate’s apartment drinking and having fun, done right they will be a great time. Something that often finds their way into the evening are Bucks party dares. Whether your presenting a challenge to the groom to be or to everyone at the Bucks party, these traditional dares ideas can often bring about some of the most hilarious, entertaining, and memorable moments of the entire party.

Bucks Party and Night Dares

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There are some Bucks party dares that are very common and very popular. These include daring the buck to wear certain clothing items like high heels, a hat or t-shirt with a large phallus on it, or a pair of lace panties over his pants. Requiring him to carry a blow up doll around with him is also a common dare that still gets chuckles, as is carrying a ball and chain. But for most, good dares go beyond just wearing a crazy wig and into the realm of actually doing things.

One example is to dare your mate to slip into a dress him into a costume and busk until they’ve earned enough for a beer. Or dare them to obtain a pair of panties and bra from a female stranger, or even a tampon. You might want to dare them to kiss ten ladies in the bar you’re at, or one with the same name as their fiancé. Or, you may dare them to sing a sweet serenade to a total stranger. And speaking of singing, one of the more popular of the various Bucks party dares is to have the buck sing a song that he loves and one that he hates at a karaoke club. Be sure to have your camera out.

Don’t take your fun too far and dare anyone to do anything that could end in injury, incarceration, or trouble from the bride to be. And remember that just because they’re Bucks party dares, they aren’t solely regulated to the groom to be. Dare any of the party goers, with great novelties as well. There are plenty of great dares that are out there to liven up a Bucks party, and the odds are that your own imagination can come with some truly memorable ones. Done right, they’ll leave the party laughing like mad and provide something to talk about for years to come.