Bucks Party Stubby Holders Sydney

Bucks Party Stubby Holders Sydney

You can also personalise Bucks Party Stubby Holders Sydney with your mate’s names, add an embarrassing picture of the Buck, a funny caption or make them into score or dare cards to make it a Bucks’ party to remember! With full colour, photo-quality print you can choose from any colour, any theme and any template or use your own pictures to create a custom made design that will amaze your friends and family.

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Bucks Party Stubby Holders Sydney adjust to fit and suit 375ml stubbies/cans and 330ml premium bottles as standard, with the additional option to fit 250ml slim bottles – what a great way to celebrate the last night of freedom on your Bucks Night! Coolaz stubby holders use the latest in discreet fasteners to provide a finish that matches the fine print quality. There’s no stitching here – and the front fasteners are transparent – we even print under them in most cases. This all goes to provide you with the best looking cooler out there!

A Bucks party is an event that is meant to be remembered. In addition to taking lots of pictures to help save the memory, you can also give each party guest a gift to remember the occasion by. Since this is a party for men, only the manliest of man gifts will do. Bucks Party Stubby Holders Sydney make a great gift for both the groom and the people that come to the party.

Possibly the best time to give away the Bucks Party Stubby Holders Sydney is at the beginning of the party especially if you are serving alcohol. The holder will help keep the drinks cold. In addition, if you are out on the time, they can serve as a way to identify members of your group. Since these are gifts, you shouldn’t expect your guests to chip in on the cost. They are your way of thanking your guests for being a part of your special day and to help them remember how much fun they had.