Bucks Party Games Ideas – Day and Night In Sydney


A Bucks party should and hopefully does only happen once. That’s why it’s so important to ensure that the groom to be has a day or night that he’ll never forget. There are plenty of time honoured traditions involved with any Bucks party. Strippers, booze, and lots of rowdy fun are the norm, but certainly don’t have to be a part of the night if the buck isn’t into any of that. Another great addition to a party includes games. There are plenty of Bucks party game ideas that can keep the party entertaining, ranging from commonplace to downright absurd. The only real limitation is your imagination.

Bucks Party Games Ideas

Bucks Party Games Ideas in Sydney

Drinking games are also popular Bucks party games ideas. This can include old reliable standbys like beer pool or beer pong, or be as simple as drinking every time someone says a certain word. And you can take drinking games into the bars or pubs with you, as well, downing a shot every time a stripper takes the stage who is named after a food or spice, for example. Be creative and you can set up your own rules for a drinking game and ensure that everyone has plenty of fun and really lets loose.

Of course, not all Bucks party games ideas have to involve drinking. There are plenty of other ways to liven up the party. If the buck and his mates are gamers, why not organize a video game tournament? You can always add in the caveat that the loser of each match has to take a shot, if you like. And for gambling lovers, nothing more than a full-fledged game of poker can often be more than enough for a good time. If you want to add a risqué factor to it, consider hiring topless dealers or waitresses for a few hours.

Pub games are great as well, and you can include darts or billiards to the Bucks night with just a little bit of foresight. You can also head out into Sydney for your games. Some of the best Bucks party games ideas go far beyond what you could set up in a hotel room. Paintball is a great example, as are some friendly go kart races. Whether you want to set up a simple drinking game or go all out in the competition area, there are plenty of options for Bucks party games. All it takes is a little creative and some planning.