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Ideas Sydney

A Bucks party is a great male bonding experience that sends the groom into married life with a bang. There is nothing like getting all of the friends together and going out on the town for a night of wild fun whether that means bar hopping or having a group of sexy strippers come into your home. Whether you are the party planner or the party guest, there are many things you can to do make the event outrageously fun. Here are a few Bucks Ideas Sydney partiers can use to kick the fun up a notch.

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Here are just a few of our top Party Ideas in Sydney

Buck’s Costumes – The first place to start would be with the buck himself. He’s the guest of honour and therefore he should stand out as much as possible. Put together a funny outfit for the buck to wear while you are all out on the town that ensures everyone he meets will know that he is the groom. Some Bucks ideas Sydney men can use to for possible costumes include a neon coloured jumpsuit that ensures he will glow in the dark. If you prefer something a little more toned down, then a funny t-shirt with an elaborate beer hat is another option.

Drinking Games – These kinds of games always ensure a good time. There are tons of drinking games that you can participate in whether you are on the town or having fun at home. If you are doing a tour of strip bars, you can take a drink for every exotic dancer you meet that has a stereotypical stripper name like candy. Another good one to play is the adult version of the staring game. Two contestants sit face to face and stare at each other. The first one to blink has to take a drink. You can find ideas for tons of drinking games on the internet.

Do Something Daring – For those that prefer to stay sober and want to skip the stripper scene altogether, you can kick your fun up a notch by doing something exciting such as skydiving. That will certain get the adrenaline pumping and give all of you something to remember. You will have to do a short training course beforehand to prepare for the big Bucks day. You can even hire a videographer to film the groom on his way down. Other ideas include white water rafting and sports racing.