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When a party is planned, every event is done with the groom in mind. The party planner will want to get to know some about the groom to see what kind of personality they have and to make sure what they are doing for the groom is something that the groom will enjoy. If an event is planned and the groom is not kept in mind, money and time will be wasted by all involved. For the groom with a good sense of humour, Bucks gags and jokes, party ideas can be planned to keep the Bucks night interesting and bring humour and smiles to all involved.

Bucks Party and Night Gags and Jokes

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Bucks day and night gags and jokes can come in many different types and styles. Many of the jokes and gags used are sexual in nature. This has to do with the taste of the groom and also to do with the type of party that grooms typically have. When grooms have bachelor parties they want to celebrate the groom getting married and his last few days being a single man. These types of parties involved lots of women and women related items. Some gag gifts that are used at these parties involved simple things like straws with boobs on them to suggestive shirts to inflatable dolls.

Bachelor party gags and jokes can also be larger in nature. Depending on the personality of the groom, larger jokes and gags can be directly played on him. These can be simple pranks like whoopee cushions or dumping water on him or they can be larger to include someone jumping out of a cake. Anyone one jump out of the cake but keeping with the gags and jokes theme, a little person stripper could be the person jumping out o the cake. A stripper, much less a little person stripper, is not always expected to come out of the cake and that would definitely take the mood of the party up a notch.

Another avenue to seek out with Bucks party and night gags and jokes is the comedy route. This could be going to a comedy club or having a comedian come to a personal event. With these events, the comedian can beforehand be told of the bachelor party and even some information about the groom and about his upcoming wedding. This information can help with the jokes and make for a very good night but only if the groom has a good sense of humour. Your the best man make it happen.