The Ultimate Bucks Party with Karting & Barefoot Bowling


Your bucks party is an unforgettable night that’s meant to give the groom one last great hurrah before his big day. If you’re looking for an awesome way to pull off the best bucks party ever, consider having it planned for you by a professional.

This way you can book the date, invite the guests, and sit back to enjoy the great night. The Ultimate Bucks Party is available Saturdays starting at 10am . If you have a group of 20 or more, you can even use the party bus that will pick you up and shuttle you around town in style.

Party Bus – Go Karts – Barefoot Bowls‏ And More

  • Package Pricing - $300.00 Per Head

  • Bucks Party Packages Include:

    • For groups above 20, we pick up on your own exclusive party bus equipped with pumping sound system. The day starts around 10am.
    •  Your tour guide for the day will take heaps of pics making sure everyone has a good time and the days goes to plan.
    • We head straight to Go Karting for a Mini Grand Prix in their new RIMO Evo IV karts. Racing for prizes and bragging rights its a sure fire way to get the day started.
    • After this we load up the party bus with some nice cold beers (BYO) and rock over to Bondi Bowls for a afternoon of barefoot bowling.
    • Now your on the party bus for a pub crawl – Minimum of 2 great aussie pubs or venues. No hassles door entries to our pubs or venues – Dinner is including reserved seating
    • And to finish off, the Ultimate Bucks Party would not be complete without a visit on the party bus to Dancers Cabaret for a live show or 2! Dancers have the best girls and are the perfect way to finish off the Ultimate Day!
    • The day is finishes with the party bus waiting to drop you and your mates back to a common drop off point or you can kick on in the City!

    Saturdays From – 10am and 1.00am

* Packages are based on a minimum of 20 people( View Terms and Conditions )

The Ultimate Bucks Party is more than just a guys’ night out. This all-day event includes an action packed day leading into an even better night. You’ll have a tour guide along at every stop pointing you in the right direction and taking great pictures throughout the event. This party starts with a Mini Grand Prix in RIMO Evo IV Go Karts. A little friendly competition is unavoidable as you compete for prizes. After the race, you’ll make a quick stop for BYO beers to quench your thirst before moving on. The next destination is Bondi Bowls for barefoot bowling.

As evening comes around, you’ll be taken via party bus out to some of the greatest pubs in the city. This event package includes a minimum of two pubs, but you can pad your schedule with even more stops for great drinks and good times. You’ll enjoy dinner with reserved seating at Friend in Hand and Glebe and VIP admission to the King St. Brewery for a beer tasting. Once you’ve had plenty to eat, you’ll be ready for the final, and most anticipated, leg of your journey. No bucks night would be complete without some talented dancers and the Ultimate Bucks Party is no exception.

The last stop for this bucks party is the Dancers Cabaret. Here you can enjoy few live shows, taking in the extremely talented dancers of this establishment. These girls are a great way to top off a night of fun with the boys. When you’re finished at the Cabaret, your party bus will take you anywhere you’d like. The scheduled itinerary ends here, but the bus is still yours if you want to continue hitting the town. When you’re ready to go home, the bus will take you home or drop all the party-goers off at a designated end point, capping off your evening of fun.

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