Last Minute Bucks Party Ideas Sydney – Day and Night


A Bucks party is something of a rite of passage, the last trip out with the boys for your mate. As such, it’s important to plan out a great one for him. Bucks parties today can include a huge number of things, from beach BBQs to paintball matches. Whether you’ve just found out that you’re in charge of planning a Bucks party or if the one you’ve planned weeks ago is upon you and you think it needs a little something extra, there are plenty of last minute Bucks party ideas Sydney that can help improve every Bucks party.

Last Minute Bucks Party Ideas Sydney

Here are just a few of our top Bucks Party Ideas in Sydney

The old standby for last minute Bucks party ideas Sydney is often a trip to the strip club. Whether the party’s gone on longer than you expected or you just need to spice it up a bit, a trip to the strip club can always liven things up a bit. Since they offer both drinks and strippers, you’ll get two of the main ingredients that most bachelor parties involve. Of course, strip clubs aren’t every groom-to-be’s cup of tea, so you’ll want to look beyond just the strippers to ensure that he has a good time on his last night out as a single man.

If your party gets started early enough, there’s plenty in Sydney that you can use for last minute Bucks party ideas Sydney. A trip to a mini golf course, paintball field, laser tag arena, or go kart track is always fun, and many of these offer discounted rates to groups. Even at the last minute you may be able to reserve their services. If not, don’t fret since there are plenty of other great options. Clay shooting, for example, or even a trip to an arcade for an evening of digital fun. Games are always popular, and a good arcade will provide plenty of entertainment for the groom and his mates.

The important thing to keep in mind if you’re faced with the need for last minute Bucks party ideas Sydney is that you need to keep the groom’s interests in mind. If he hates golf, stay away from the indoor golf. If he’d feel uncomfortable in a strip club, forget about going there. Your likes and dislikes aren’t the main factor tonight, the Buck’s are. Even if the party ends up back in your house with everyone drinking beer and playing X Box, if that’s what makes the groom happy then you’ve done your job well.