Boys Night Out – Ideas, Places To Go – Bucks Party Sydney


Planning a boys’ night out soon? Well, what do you have planned? we have great places to go, If it’s going to the pub again, maybe it’s time to liven things up a bit. A true boys’ night out needs to have a bit of edge to it, doesn’t it? Liquor and good friends always goes well with sexy waitresses, so why not put them both together? In Sydney, there are several ideas for places to go to in order to have a good time with the mates, and doing something besides going to your favourite watering hole is definitely the way to go about it.

Boys Night Out in Sydney

Here are just a few of our top Boys Night Out for your Bucks party in Sydney

A lingerie restaurant combines three things that men love in abundance: Liquor, food, and women. Not only are the drinks cold, and the food tasty and delicious, but the “eye candy” for dessert isn’t too bad either! Bring the guys to a place where they can have their favourite beverage while being surrounded by strikingly gorgeous women in scantily clad outfits. They’ll even bring you the food! It’s the closest thing to perfect that a man will experience. You can follow this up with a trip to an actual strip club for more eye-popping excitement for your Bucks party.

Maybe you’d like to do something a bit more sporting during your night out with the mates. There’s always clay target shooting. What’s more manly than shooting inanimate projectiles in the air, while tossing back a few cold ones and sharing stories with the mates. Paintball is another popular activity that will get everyone involved and moving (definitely moving, or else you’ll get hit). Go-karting is also quite popular, especially at night. A boys’ night out in Sydney can start off the right way with a little night-time go-karting, followed by dinner at a lingerie restaurant and more festivities at a strip club afterward. It’s a fun night of action that won’t be soon forgotten by anyone who attends!

So, what are you planning for your next boys’ night out? It’s time to shake things up and think outside the box. Do you know anyone who will pass up the opportunity to spend some time with beautiful women and even getting a little bit of play time in? A boys’ night out in Sydney can be an adventure to be talked about for years to come, but in order to do that, it has to be memorable to start with. Make your next boys’ night out in Sydney memorable!